Wed, 14 Feb 2018

Press Release : Cooperation Agreement between Joramco Academy and Regional Training Center of Arab Air Carriers' organization (AACO RTC)


Joramco Academy and AACO Regional Training Center have signed a cooperation agreement to support the growing needs of the civil aviation industry in Jordan and the Middle East.
Under this agreement, both parties will offer joint courses in the field of aviation maintenance training for engineers and technicians to be held at AACO Regional Training Center (AAO-RTC).

About AACO Regional Training Center (RTC)
In 1996, AACO Regional Training Center (RTC) was established in Amman-Jordan, through a financial support from the European Commission and the two major aircraft manufacturers, Airbus with a main objective of providing the highest quality and most cost-effective training opportunities that will maximize the performance of the human capital in the region.
AACO-RTC organizes an annual scheduled program that virtually covers all aspects of the air transport industry, as well as some additional courses according to the needs that arise every year. Also AACO-RTC has adopted a strategy to promote in-house training activities which resulted in huge savings through training large numbers of airlines' staff at their home base.

About Joramco Academy
Joramco Academy is an independent, coeducational institute that provides a comprehensive education to prepare graduates for productive careers with special emphasis on the needs of aviation, aerospace, engineering, and related fields. The academy was established in 2007 provides approved training, to the standards of IR Part 66, at its facility in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in association with and on behalf of Air Service Training (Engineering) of Perth, Scotland.