Mon, 06 Apr 2020

Press Release: Joramco Stands for the Protection and Job-Security of its Workers amid Coronavirus Crisis


Amman,Jordan - The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had overwhelming economic repercussions on all industrial and commercial sectors in the world in general and in the region in particular causing many companies to layoff thousands of employees.  In spite of these unprecedented difficulties and to showcase its commitment towards its employees, Joramco, the Amman based MRO and the engineering arm of Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE), has announced its commitment for maintaining job security for all its employees as part of its contribution for their wellbeing.

The company’s commitment has included the entire workforce of 1,100 employees as well as a contract extension for all the temporary contract workers whose contracts have expired, or will expire soon, for an additional 3 months, as the country continues to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

The Joramco decision which is in contrary to what was prevailed by its global counterparts, comes to support the company strategy in regards to the wellbeing of its workforce who are considered the main pillar of its success. The company is also well known for providing an ideal work environment with exceptional benefits and career developments along many others.

This step reflects the obligations that Joramco places on its responsibility towards the growth and development of the civil aviation sector in the Kingdom as well as to its corporate social responsibility towards the community by alleviating the burden of unemployment on the national economy in light of the current circumstances.

Jeff Wilkinson, CEO of Joramco said, “The entire world, including Jordan, is witnessing difficult times that have not been seen for centuries and are affecting all sectors and industries, especially aviation. We at Joramco believe that the private sector has a key role to play in helping the country to resolve this crisis and if we work hand in hand with the government and the aviation public sector, we will be able to succeed in overcoming all obstacles, and return stronger than ever for a brighter future.”

 Jeff continues “The health and safety of our workforce has always been paramount at Joramco, and as we face these difficult circumstances letting any of our staff go is simply not an option. We are determined to take care of each and every employee so that they can focus on what matters—the well-being of themselves and their loved ones.”

Joramco and as part of its efforts and commitment towards its employees, has worked to pay the March salaries by 18th of the month, in line with the government act towards the public sector.