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Backshop Services:


Equipped with many back shops that function as a beehive; the shops are staffed and run by highly skilled technicians and engineers employing their knowledge and expertise to efficiently service customers and deliver the consistent quality service we are renowned for.



  • NDT Shop

    Equipped with the most advanced testing gear and operated by engineers certified by the JCARC, EASA and FAA and authorized in accordance with NAS 410, EN4179, NDT shop engineers carry out testing of Aircraft, Engine and Structural Components for defects, discontinuities and imperfections such as Cracks, Voids, Porosity, Corrosion and Inclusions. The Delamination and/or Intensity of defects and imperfections are measured by using:

  • Additional tasks assigned to the shop include:
    • Aircraft Weighing
    • Engine Borescoping
    • Themography Testing
    • Hardness Testing


  • Aircraft Placard Shop

    joramco handles most types of placards, decals, nameplates & exterior paint markings for aircraft:


  • Upholstery Shop

    The upholstery shop performs all cabin upholstery refurbishment requirements that includes:


  • Sheet Metal Shop

    This shop is capable of repairing the fuselage skin & stringers, zee sections, seat tracks, pylon, engine side & nose cowl, etc...


  • Composite Shop

    This shop carries out repairs for the interior composite; Panel, engine side cowl, thrust reverser sleeve, thrust fan reversers, hat racks, etc...


  • Cabin Equipment & Appearance

    This shop repairs and refurbishes bulky cabin items such as galleys and lavatories



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