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Joramco's History:

2005 started continuous improvement program by Oliver Wyman
2006 added capability on B737 (classic and NG), A300 and A330
2007 doubled capacity by adding two large bays (size=16,000 sqm)
2007 Initiated Joramco Academy is association with AST of Perth, Scotland
2008 automation by implementing IT maintenance system, Maintenix
2008 added capability on Embraer capabilities (170/175/190/195)
2009 added additional A330 capabilities
2012 company restructure & introduction of new quality and efficiency programs
2013 acquired several long term contracts
2015 added the B787 Capability
2016 became part of the globally recognized Dubai Aerospace Enterprise

1963: Royal Jordanian Maintenance and Engineering Department.
1970: Boeing fleet capability was introduced.
1980: Tri-Star fleet capability was introduced.
1989: Airbus fleet capability was introduced.
2000: JorAMCo emerged as an idependent company.
2005: Ownership to Abraaj Capital.
2006: JorAMCo acquired MXi, a complete MRO management system.
2007: JorAMCo inauguration of its new two bay hangar and the launch of JorAMCo Academy.
2008: Embraer fleet capability was introduced.



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