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Aircraft Services
Airframe Capabilities

Joramco strives constantly to stay at the leading edge of aircraft technologies and introduce capabilities to serve our customers’ requirements. Our operational knowledge and expertise has granted…

Aircraft Services
Component Capability List

We have established capability in servicing more than a 1,000 component in Avionics, Mechanical Instruments, Electronics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Seats, Wheels & Brakes, etc.

Aircraft Services
Base Maintenance & Modifications

Our engineers and technicians are capable of carrying base and heavy maintenance services
up to "D" checks, 12-year inspection for different aircraft types;

Base and heavy…

Aircraft Services
Line Maintenance Services

At Joramco, we provide 24/7 Line Maintenance support services to the operators at Queen Alia International Airport. Our skilled and certified technicians are qualified to “release to service”…

Aircraft Services
Component & Aerospace Systems Maintenance

Joramco has established the capabilities to service more than 16,000 components in avionics, mechanical instruments, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, seats, tires and brakes, etc.

Aircraft Services
Maintenance Management & Engineering Services

Joramco provides engineering services in recognition to the Continuing Airworthiness
Management requirements prescribed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as Part M Subpart G,…

Joramco Academy

About Joramco

Joramco Academy is an independent, nonsectarian, coeducational institute that provides a comprehensive education to prepare graduates for productive careers and responsible citizenship with…

  • Course

    The Academy offers a wide spectrum of training programs and courses:

    Aircraft Maintenance Expert Program (AME)

    A unique 4-year EASA Part 66 (B1) program that…

  • How to

    Admission Requirements
    The Academy defines a first year candidate as one who is applying for degree status directly from high school. The Academy offers admission to…

  • Contact Joramco

    Joramco Academy

    Queen Alia International Airport
    P.O. Box 39328
    Amman 11104, Jordan
    Telephone: +962 6 445 1445 Ext. 702
    E mail:…

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Our customers
Customer Portal
Joramco Customer Portal (JCP) is a real-time comprehensive reporting
and statistics system, built to assist Joramco customers to get the right decision based on
the accurate and up-date data, about their aircraft maintenance operation
in anytime and anywhere. JCP system covers major reports of active and released aircraft
in addition to inventory management reports.”
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Jordan Aircraft Maintenance Limited - Joramco
Queen Alia International Airport
P.O. Box 39328 Amman 11104 Jordan

Tel: +962 6 445 1445
Fax: +962 6 445 3344

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